Hey! You Can’t Do That to My Cannonball!

From AFMAN 91-201 Explosive Safety Standards:

“2.12.4. Do not tumble, drag, drop, throw, roll, or “walk” munitions.”

Now, I realize that the general public doesn’t spend a lot of time reading Air Force publications, but it seems to me that treating any munitions item with care, even one that is over 100 years ago, is common sense. Apparently the guy in this article wasn’t aware that munitions can be hazardous if abused. I especially liked the bit where he “put the ball in the back of his pickup, where it rolled around for a year”. Granted, it probably wasn’t as dim as playing with unexploded munitions from more recent times but a cannonball exploding in the back of your pickup will still ruin your day. I also like his lackadaisical attitude towards detonations: “Sure, it could explode…” If it was just his life he was putting at risk I wouldn’t have a problem with his attitude, but when your driving around a metropolitan area with live ordnance in the back of your pickup there is definitely a question of public safety. The Anchorage Bomb Squad Sgt’s assessment of this guy is dead on.

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