If it Weren’t for All the Terrorists…

This country is beautiful. Last night I went out on a call into the mountains north of Kandahar to destroy some UXOs found by Coalition Forces. The helo dropped us in the mountains and we proceeded to go to work. After disposing of the UXOs we had some time before the helo came back so I got to admire the scenery, and boy was it some scenery. I’m not sure I can adequetly describe what it is like in the Afghanistan hinterland, you kind of have to be there, but if you’ve every been out west in the high desert it’s kind of like that only more rugged. The only thing more impressive then being in the terrain is flying over and around it. When the helicopter finally returned to retrieve us it was dark out and we had to use our NODs since we were opperating in blackout conditions. It was surreal. If the terrain was spectacular in the daylight, veiwing it through the green glow of NODs at 300 feet and 150 knots was…well, let’s just say it is something that will stick with me for the rest of my life.

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